Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Moment of Madness

How y'all doing in the fight the flab game? Thought it was high time I checked in. I haven't weighed myself since I last blogged, well I have on my bathroom scales but not on the electronic pharmacy scales, which I prefer. No idea what my official weight is so I have decided to weigh in next week, mainly because I have fallen of the wagon in true Missy Fatty style and I think getting a sharp reminder of my weight on paper might be a good kick in the a*se. That being said I have not been too bad apart from yesterday.

I guess you're wondering what happened yesterday. Firstly, I left the house on a tentative hungry tummy, you know the feeling just a little peckish but you don't have anything in and tell yourself you will do a healthy shop then eat your lunch later. Well that was my intention. Got so far as the corner shop and bought myself a pack of the lower fat crisps, which I do occasionally, so not too much of a bad thing, however pairing it with a high calorie bar of chocolate is. DAMN! I was doing so well. I know the rule of not leaving the house on an empty stomach, but I had no choice with an empty fridge.

I was ravenous when I got to the shopping centre, the crisps and chocolate had done nothing to tame my hunger. I bought myself a magazine from the large newsagents and along with my change they gave me what looked like a ream of special offers at MacDonald's. OH NO! I was already feeling weak, and when I saw the prices of £1 odd, it sent me over the edge, yes right over the edge of the nearest MacDonald's which was about four shops away. Arrrgghh.

I enjoyed the fillet o fish and medium fries, in case you're wondering. I decided at that point, that I was going to write that whole day off and enjoy it as a day of  PURE NAUGHTINESS, and picked up a bag of sweet popcorn, in addition to a sandwich and a pack of crisps for my evening indulgence. Made sense to kill all my cravings that day.

Today I have been extremely good and strict, from one extreme to the other. We will see what damage I have done in my moment of madness, next weigh day. 

I will keep you posted.

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