Monday, 30 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

 The Bad

I decided it was a teeny weeny bit pointless weighing myself, you see I haven't been entirely good on my diet, let's just say a couple of large Mac D fries featured in addition to potato cakes, sweet pancakes and full fat crisps.  Basically I have had a mixture of good and bad days. This seems a regular occurrence with me, I fall off the horse then am back on it again only to fall off again. But the good thing is I don't give up. I will lose weight but not as quick as the regular dieter but that is okay with me. 

The Ugly

I attended a park event, referred to as yarn bombing, featuring a knitted picnic which we had all created during my weekly knitting group. Yarn scarfs were draped around trees. It was a glorious day and the children loved it. I could hear some of them proudly pointing out their wool poms poms hanging from a given tree. Must admit I was pretty proud of the doughnuts and chocolate swirls I created as a beginner. Even the blanket was knitted by members.

I rejected any attempts of anyone taking my photo unless it was from my camera, where I posed like no-ones business.

That being said, there is nothing like seeing a photo of yourself in all your blubber glory to give you pause for thought. Funny how one doesn't feel as fat when they look in their own mirror but on a photograph, aye, aye, aye. Did I say VILE!

The Good

Despite the above, I have been much better. I have a mental categaory I have termed, "Under No Circumstances" and in this category I have items I cannot touch, under any circumstances, until further notice. So even if I can't resist a naughty, these items are untouchable, and I have to say I have been successful in this regard. When items are put in this category I mean business.

There are only a couple of things in this category, chocolate cookies, which I could not resist each day I visited my local convenience store and blocks of butter, which is so calorific and I was going through some serious blocks, over the months. So the fact that I have cut these out should show on my waistline even after six months, am guessing.  Am hoping to increase this list slowly, after all Rome wasn't built in a day.

I decided to take some blubber measurements and start afresh.  The last time I had taken measurements was the 9th May, I was expecting a few pluses but what the hell.

I found the following;

Upper Bust =     - 1"
Full Bust =         - 1.5"
Under Bust =     - 0.5"
Waist =              - 1.5"
Hips =                - 1"
Thigh=              -  1"

A total loss of 6.5 inches. Well I'll be damned!

So you see despite being a lousy dieter, it isn't all doom and gloom, just keep getting back on that horse, that is how I lost two stone previously and how I will lose it again.  Yes sir.

- Until Next Time -            

Saturday, 21 July 2012


 Bet you're on tenterhooks wondering how I have done. 

Wednesday 18th July

Upon entrance of a popular supermarket, there displayed for all to see, where various reduced items. Being a little curious I sauntered over, and there in a cute little bag were three mouth watering freshly baked double chocolate cookies for £1. I picked up the sealed packet and just stared at them, and am talking deep intense stare,  and then I snapped out of it, replaced the packet and walked away. Phew that was close.

So all in all a good day.

Exercise - 40 min walk.

Thursday 19th July

It got to lunch time and I fancied some cold cereal but not the one I had in. I popped to the shop since I needed milk and noticed Rice Krispies were only £1. Not had them for quite some time, looking at them made my mouth water, so I indulged myself. 

Got home made myself a bowl . . . snap, crackle and pop. To say they went down nicely is an understatement. They were DELICIOUS!

I had this overwhelming urge to have another bowl, wrestled with myself, go on have another bowl, er no don't be greedy etc, etc, etc. I wasn't in the mood for arguing with myself so for a quieter life I succumbed to the delights of the cereal. Did I say WEAK?

One thing I quickly remembered is why I don't buy them any more. They are too MOREISH. I find that with Sugarpuffs, Cornflakes and Pringles. I need to exercise self discipline.

Done some abdominal exercises today, so not all bad hehe. 

Exercise - Abdominal exercises

Friday 20th July
Bought a small pack of nuts, late morning, with the intention of having a little each day, since they are said to be healthy. Demolished the whole packet in one sitting. It was one of those days and I took it out on the nuts.

Well that's my excuse and am sticking to it.

Saturday 21st July

I have been surprisingly good today. Nearly popped a packet of starburst (fruit chewy sweets) in my shopping trolley but popped them back on the shelf. Getting good at this.

Back  On  Weigh  Day             

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day One. Again!!!

Ended up weighing myself today rather than yesterday. The good news is my weight is exactly the same as when I last weighed myself, so no nasty surprises. Although, I would have liked the scales to have said a bit less but hey ho. This is my first day of my diet, so onwards and upwards.

Am only going to weigh myself every 10 days, give or take, I find it gives me a little eating breathing space. 

My aim is to lose two stone, first goal 7lbs. Doesn't sound much when you say it, but the trials and tribulations one goes through to try and achieve such a little weight loss, is astronomical. Ok I exaggerate, but it is so damn hard.  

Ok peeps keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I will be back in about 5 days with my half way progress. 

I feel I should exit with some kind of motivational quote. Perhaps . . .   if you can't beat it, eat it. Ok am jesting, am sure there is more to life than eating. Drinking perhaps?

Back  in  Five          

Sunday, 15 July 2012

All happening tomorrow . . .

Well it's been some time, hope you're well. Anyway a couple of weeks back I visited the town centre chemist to weigh myself. Machine out of order. Tried this Saturday gone, still out of order. So tomorrow am going to try one of the weighing scales in a chemist near me. I do have scales but it's not the same without the printout, plus I tend to think mine would be faulty if they showed any weight loss. Moreover sometimes you're not too sure what your weight is, as the majority of indicators are lines. I like to see it in black and white!

On the plus side I have been extremely good, so am hoping my first weigh in, will show that I have shifted some blubber since the last time I weighed myself. It will give me quite a boost. It hasn't been easy, I have been looking at my favourite cakes with the intense longing you have  when you see a gorgeous man as a single woman. But I have resisted and I couldn't be more pleased.
Back Tomorrow             

"Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady "

Friday, 6 July 2012

Starting Over . . .

Okay, I absolutely stink at this diet thing, so am going to start over. I can't guarantee I will be much better but really want to start a clean slate. For the week am just going to cut down, just to get my body acclimatized. then I will weigh myself at some point and that will be my starting point. 

What I will say is I will be including more exercise. I don't do gyms so it will be more walking but also some floor exercises, in particular those for the abdominals, the bain of my life. Am going to shift this blubber. Yes sir. 

I go to a knitting group once a month and there is invariably scrumptious cakes to be had by all. I will have that day as my naughty cake day as opposed to the current situation where am downing doughnuts, double choc cookies like there is no tomorrow. So hard to deny when you are there lol

I will keep you posted when I weigh myself as that will be Day One of this new diet.

-  Bye  For Now  -