Friday, 6 July 2012

Starting Over . . .

Okay, I absolutely stink at this diet thing, so am going to start over. I can't guarantee I will be much better but really want to start a clean slate. For the week am just going to cut down, just to get my body acclimatized. then I will weigh myself at some point and that will be my starting point. 

What I will say is I will be including more exercise. I don't do gyms so it will be more walking but also some floor exercises, in particular those for the abdominals, the bain of my life. Am going to shift this blubber. Yes sir. 

I go to a knitting group once a month and there is invariably scrumptious cakes to be had by all. I will have that day as my naughty cake day as opposed to the current situation where am downing doughnuts, double choc cookies like there is no tomorrow. So hard to deny when you are there lol

I will keep you posted when I weigh myself as that will be Day One of this new diet.

-  Bye  For Now  -           


  1. I'm re-starting myself...I'm trying to think of this as a way of life and not a diet.. I know you can do it because you keep trying...

  2. Yeah I use the word diet but I don't actually diet in real terms, I just cut down. I think getting back into exercise will help a lot. Good luck.

  3. Hi! Good luck with your weight loss. I just want to share what has helped me lose and maintain my weight- the South Beach diet. This diet has a lot of criticism, but if you actually read the book, it makes a lot of sense. I just wanted to share because it has totally changed the way I eat. I just recently realized that after 8 years, it truly is a lifestyle way of eating that works. I had a temporary weight gain when I stayed with my mom for a few years, but besides that, I've maintained my weight.

  4. There is no way around it, dieting sucks. At my WW meeting this week the leader said something that really stuck with me. She said, just because you trip on the first step doesn't mean you throw yourself down the whole staircase. I love that statement. If you eat one thing that wasn't a great choice doesn't mean you should eat an entire grocery bag of crap.

    I will probably never eat the way I used to, I have to change my eating for the rest of my life or there is no point. I don't want my weight to go up and down any more. However, if you plan for having a burger and chips once a week, you can do that.

    I know you aren't working right now, but I really can't recommend Weight Watchers enough. I just checked the UK website and right now it is free to join.

    Anyway good for you for getting back on track. Keep it up.

  5. Thx ElleC. Yes am going to get right back up again. I know I can do it as I have done it before, so that helps motivate me.


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