Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day One. Again!!!

Ended up weighing myself today rather than yesterday. The good news is my weight is exactly the same as when I last weighed myself, so no nasty surprises. Although, I would have liked the scales to have said a bit less but hey ho. This is my first day of my diet, so onwards and upwards.

Am only going to weigh myself every 10 days, give or take, I find it gives me a little eating breathing space. 

My aim is to lose two stone, first goal 7lbs. Doesn't sound much when you say it, but the trials and tribulations one goes through to try and achieve such a little weight loss, is astronomical. Ok I exaggerate, but it is so damn hard.  

Ok peeps keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I will be back in about 5 days with my half way progress. 

I feel I should exit with some kind of motivational quote. Perhaps . . .   if you can't beat it, eat it. Ok am jesting, am sure there is more to life than eating. Drinking perhaps?

Back  in  Five          


  1. I know you are on Pinterest, when I am feeling unmotivated I go to one of my boards and read and get inspired. Here you go.


  2. Good luck with the weight loss x


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