Monday, 30 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

 The Bad

I decided it was a teeny weeny bit pointless weighing myself, you see I haven't been entirely good on my diet, let's just say a couple of large Mac D fries featured in addition to potato cakes, sweet pancakes and full fat crisps.  Basically I have had a mixture of good and bad days. This seems a regular occurrence with me, I fall off the horse then am back on it again only to fall off again. But the good thing is I don't give up. I will lose weight but not as quick as the regular dieter but that is okay with me. 

The Ugly

I attended a park event, referred to as yarn bombing, featuring a knitted picnic which we had all created during my weekly knitting group. Yarn scarfs were draped around trees. It was a glorious day and the children loved it. I could hear some of them proudly pointing out their wool poms poms hanging from a given tree. Must admit I was pretty proud of the doughnuts and chocolate swirls I created as a beginner. Even the blanket was knitted by members.

I rejected any attempts of anyone taking my photo unless it was from my camera, where I posed like no-ones business.

That being said, there is nothing like seeing a photo of yourself in all your blubber glory to give you pause for thought. Funny how one doesn't feel as fat when they look in their own mirror but on a photograph, aye, aye, aye. Did I say VILE!

The Good

Despite the above, I have been much better. I have a mental categaory I have termed, "Under No Circumstances" and in this category I have items I cannot touch, under any circumstances, until further notice. So even if I can't resist a naughty, these items are untouchable, and I have to say I have been successful in this regard. When items are put in this category I mean business.

There are only a couple of things in this category, chocolate cookies, which I could not resist each day I visited my local convenience store and blocks of butter, which is so calorific and I was going through some serious blocks, over the months. So the fact that I have cut these out should show on my waistline even after six months, am guessing.  Am hoping to increase this list slowly, after all Rome wasn't built in a day.

I decided to take some blubber measurements and start afresh.  The last time I had taken measurements was the 9th May, I was expecting a few pluses but what the hell.

I found the following;

Upper Bust =     - 1"
Full Bust =         - 1.5"
Under Bust =     - 0.5"
Waist =              - 1.5"
Hips =                - 1"
Thigh=              -  1"

A total loss of 6.5 inches. Well I'll be damned!

So you see despite being a lousy dieter, it isn't all doom and gloom, just keep getting back on that horse, that is how I lost two stone previously and how I will lose it again.  Yes sir.

- Until Next Time -            


  1. Don't you wish your camera and your mirror would agree on how you look? My mirror thinks I am so much thinner, attractive and younger. My camera is an effing bitch.

    The last couple of weeks I have bought Weight Watchers treats. Not A Good Idea. Even though they are low in points, if you eat 6X 2 points snacks, that is still 12 points, and really I would rather have a non diet version anyway, and then I would only eat 1 of them. Oh well, live and learn. So much easier not to bring stuff in the house to begin with.

    Keep up the fight!

  2. Thanks ElleC. This is going to be a long struggle lol.

  3. thanks for sharing.


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