Saturday, 21 July 2012


 Bet you're on tenterhooks wondering how I have done. 

Wednesday 18th July

Upon entrance of a popular supermarket, there displayed for all to see, where various reduced items. Being a little curious I sauntered over, and there in a cute little bag were three mouth watering freshly baked double chocolate cookies for £1. I picked up the sealed packet and just stared at them, and am talking deep intense stare,  and then I snapped out of it, replaced the packet and walked away. Phew that was close.

So all in all a good day.

Exercise - 40 min walk.

Thursday 19th July

It got to lunch time and I fancied some cold cereal but not the one I had in. I popped to the shop since I needed milk and noticed Rice Krispies were only £1. Not had them for quite some time, looking at them made my mouth water, so I indulged myself. 

Got home made myself a bowl . . . snap, crackle and pop. To say they went down nicely is an understatement. They were DELICIOUS!

I had this overwhelming urge to have another bowl, wrestled with myself, go on have another bowl, er no don't be greedy etc, etc, etc. I wasn't in the mood for arguing with myself so for a quieter life I succumbed to the delights of the cereal. Did I say WEAK?

One thing I quickly remembered is why I don't buy them any more. They are too MOREISH. I find that with Sugarpuffs, Cornflakes and Pringles. I need to exercise self discipline.

Done some abdominal exercises today, so not all bad hehe. 

Exercise - Abdominal exercises

Friday 20th July
Bought a small pack of nuts, late morning, with the intention of having a little each day, since they are said to be healthy. Demolished the whole packet in one sitting. It was one of those days and I took it out on the nuts.

Well that's my excuse and am sticking to it.

Saturday 21st July

I have been surprisingly good today. Nearly popped a packet of starburst (fruit chewy sweets) in my shopping trolley but popped them back on the shelf. Getting good at this.

Back  On  Weigh  Day             

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