Friday, 29 June 2012

Days 20,21 & 22

32lbs 31 To Lose
Tuesday 26th June

Not a good day. I suddenly had a craving for farleys rusks. Yeah really. Had to buy a box haven't had them for about ten years - had a craving for them then hehe. Bought a small pack and wolfed them down discretely on the way home. Had two packs of crisps beforehand lol. So am going to disregard today. Arghgh. I am cr*p at this dieting lark. Am going to hold on there and see what the 2nd July (weigh day) tells me.

Exercise: 40mins

Wednesday 27th June

So so day. Not really bad, not particularly good. I actually feel so bloated. This tummy needs to go. It's huge!!!

Exercise: 40mins

Thursday 28th June

Had an interview today, it didn't go as smoothly as I had wanted. Been a while since I had, had an interview. I was set all kinds of tests including a memory test lol. What's laughable about this, is the job is only a low paid office job. They want the successful applicant to commence on Monday so I should hear on Friday.

The lady who interviewed me was about 10ft tall and slim, I felt even more dumpy at 5ft 1" hehe. My tummy felt like it  was dragging the floor when she was leading me out, with her taut abdominals. Oh well c'est la vie. One day I will have taut abdominals, I will, I will.

Exercise: Variety of abdominal exercises one set of ten on each of the exercises. At least I got something from the  interview, inspiration to do something I have not done for years lol

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Days 17,18 & 19 - Doing Well

32lbs 31lbs To Lose
Next Weigh Day - 2nd July 2012

Saturday 23rd June

I was ok on the diet front today but only because am having a b**ch of a week. Let's see how I get on tomorrow, one day at a time. I am trying to see this diet in groups of three days as that is when I will blog about it. So if I get two days under my belt, I will try that little bit harder for the third. Well that's the plan lol.

Exercise: 40 min walk

Sunday 24th June 
Doing alright. It is so hard to motivate myself nowadays. If I was working and had a great cutting table I would be treating myself to fabric and whipping up things to keep my mind of goodies. Not sure why I have developed this unhealthy craving for sweet things, am normally a savoury person. So it was takeaways all round lol. One more day and it is my first set of three days done and dusted. 

Exercise: None.

Monday 25th June

Went to my knitting group today but ensured that I had something substantial to eat, instead of fantasising about all things sweet and calorific. Doesn't help when the project they are working on is food, doughnuts, cherry pies, cheese sandwiches etc. Well am proud to say I have done it completed my first triple. Now to work on the next three and keep in mind that my weigh day is the 2nd July. I can do it. No really hehe.

Exercise: 2hr walk

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Days 14,15 & 16 - Oops I did It Again.

32lbs 31 To Lose

Wednesday 20th June

When I spoke to you last I was on my way to my knitting club. Sat down at our designated table and there was a huge chocolate cake on the table. Shock horror! It was someones birthday. Do you notice that the moment you start dieting goodies like this are shoved under your nose. It was only the day before mini chocolate doughnuts were waved at me and it took all my might to reject. Anyway, I was strong enough to politely decline, even when offered a piece a second time. So all in all Tue as a good day.

Bet you're dying to hear I got on today. Hmm not so good peeps. My will power came crashing down like a pack of cards, and I succumbed to a jam doughnut, chocolate muffin and a packet of crisps. Did I say gluttony.

 A little disappointed in myself but am battling on.

Exercise: 5 min jog on the spot lol
Naughties: Jam doughnut, Chocolate Muffin, Packet of Crisps. Why oh why, oh why.

Thursday 21st June

I was in a foul mood today so resorted to some comfort cakes. I know, not good, but I was in no frame of mind to diet. Do you ever have days like that? A definite write off with respect to dieting. I have done a 3 hr walk today so all isn't bad but still . . .  If I lose any weight this week it will be a miracle. Back on tomorrow.

Exercise: 3hr Walk
Naughties: The entire day

Friday 22nd June

Well the back on didn't happen. Well it did until about 5pm then I went on a naughty assault course. I don't know what's up with me, today is another write off. I will postpone my weigh day for another ten days, and every time I am extremely naughty like I have been the past couple of days, I will do that. This will p*** me off so hopefully it will encourage me to be good, all going well. Disappointed in myself but I guess that is how the cookie crumbles, excuse the pun.

Exercise: None
Naughties: Unlimited

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Days 11, 12 & 13

32lbs 31 To Lose

Sunday 17th June

After finding out yesterday I had lost a pound, I have decided to get this show of the road. Had my weetabix and skimmed milk for breakfast, yes skimmed milk. I mean business! That being said I normally have semi skimmed so not a massive jump on the milk front, but enough to reduce the cals.

The weetabix are the new ones with golden syrup, I was having visions of them being sickly sweet, but no they were fine, just in case you are interested in that useless piece of information.

I have pledged to myself in addition to walking am going to jog on the spot for about 5 minutes at least five times a week. I know I said that a while back that I would do it for 3 mins everyday, but I kept forgetting, this time  am going to make a point of doing it. 

Anyway I did it today and felt so good afterwards. There I was in front of Murder She Wrote, arms clasped in front, supporting the Bronte Sisters, jogging happily away - not one for sports bras. Besides it would cost a second mortgage to accommodate the sisters, and I don't even own my own home.

Exercise: Jogging on the spot - 5 mins. Some serious cleaning, washing and tidying up.

Monday 18th June

Everything still running smoothly. I even politely declined some mini chocolate doughnuts that were practically shoved under my nose at the knitting group. Felt like patting myself on my back as I trotted home. 

Feeling a bit bloated, one of those days when you think thank goodness it isn't weigh day.

Exercise: 2 hr walk. 

Tuesday 19th June

Been good today but when I was walking into the town centre my tummy felt like a barrel, no not a barrel of laughs but a huge belly full of Ye Olde English Ale. Ever had that feeling? You just want to sit down, feet up, and rest your hands on your big belly. The good thing about feeling like that, is any idea's of having a naughty tidbit, is kicked into touch, as you just feel fat and flabby.

Had the biggest Mackerel ever with some veg, think Jaws. I feel ill now. So another good day on the diet front. Have the knitting group this evening about 6pm, at one of the local pubs, so that will kill a few hours. I only have a orange and soda to drink, so that will be for the evening. If I feel peckish afterwards I will eat a few strawberries.

Anyway, that's me for now. Me and my barrel are off to do a spot of knitting.

Exercise: 40 mins

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 10 - Well I'll Be Damned

32lbs 31lbs To Lose

I got up this morning with the intention of bringing my weigh day forward and doing the dirty deed today. Had my breakfast, fussed about a bit, as you do. Lunch time approached, I had a spot of lunch and started to get ready to walk into town to weigh myself.

Didn't get out until an hour later as it was throwing it down. In fact it has been like that all day. The weather in the UK absolutely stinks, and if I had the option to move somewhere else you wouldn't see me for dust. Anyway I digress.

I began to get nervous as I walked up to the town centre, prior to standing on the scales, I envisaged and expected bad news, since I had one too many large chocolate cookies as y'all know.

I mounted the scales, stepped off them and quickly scanned the printed ticket searching for my weight.  

And there it was.

I had lost a pound y'all. Now normally I would be p***ed but I was elated, I really expected to have put on a couple of pounds or at least stayed the same. 

I tell you what this has been a rocket up the jacksy. I want to shift this blubber but it does need my help. And the next ten days am going to whoop my ar*e.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 9

32lbs To Lose

All was well. I walked up to the library, passed a mini supermarket, the same one that sells those large Belgian chocolate cookies I have a penchant for. Not the one I popped in yesterday but the same company. Every time I see one of these mini supermarkets my cravings kick in with all the tenacity of a mule, but I walked past and made my way to the library.

Stayed in the library for about three hours, and I was famished. Body screaming that it needed something sweet and me shouting shut the f* up.

To cut to the chase I relented, ended up with a packet of crisps and a large Belgian cookie. This is getting beyond a joke. I even bought cherries and a bag of prepared carrots yesterday, with the intention of nibbling on them if I ever get the cravings. Useless if you don't take any with ya lol.

Did I say am weak? I just can't wait until I weigh myself to see the bitter truth . . .  again. I have scheduled weigh day for Sunday but may do it tomorrow. Yeah I think I will do it tomorrow. I need a big kick up my derriere.

Exercise: None
Naughties: Large Cookie (surprise surprise). Packet of crisps


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Days 6,7 & 8 - So,So.

32lbs To Lose


So far so good on the diet front. I think once the fortnight is over it will get easier. My body is in pure shock at the moment, wondering whether cakes and cookies no longer exist.

Exercise: 40 minute walk.
Naughties: A couple of the lower fat crisps, a two for one deal , I couldn't resist lol.


Not doing too bad, but late evening I was craving a large chocolate cookie, am telling you I was all for telling myself that one won't do me any harm. If it wasn't for my inner voice screaming don't do it , and being at the computer perusing Pinterest, I would have succumbed.

Now your thinking what's Pinterest got to do with willpower, well the answer is this. There is so much sewing inspiration on there and all represented by the super thin, you start to imagine how you would look in them with your new slimmer body. It works. It puts things into perspective.Not that I want to be thin, just less weight than what I am.

This week is hard, I just can't wait until weigh day on Sunday. If I have lost at least a pound it will spur me on. It's going to be a slow process but I must be strong hehe.

I received my three patterns from Jamie Christina yesterday. They must have been sent by carrier pigeon as the delivery was uber fast. Am based in the UK and they are in the US. I was expecting three weeks. So they have helped to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Exercise: None
Naughties: None


Getting the hang of this dieting palava, although it has to be said it was touch and go yesterday. Am not doing a strict diet, but eating sensibly and cutting out a lot of what I would normally eat. Am not one for attending dieting clubs, one because they cost a lot, rather spend that money on fabric, if I had that kind of money spare. And two, I get more satisfaction if I do it myself. Start as you mean to go on. 

20.29 Well I wrote all of the above before I went to the supermarket to buy some food. 

Yes, I succumbed to a large chocolate cookie on the way home in the little drive in supermarket five minutes from my home, as I had forgotten to buy a tin of beans in the main supermarket. 

Am going to have to avoid that drive in for my sanity. Disappointed in myself, but I will battle on.

Exercise: 2 hr walk
Naughties: 1 large chocolate cookie

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 5


32lbs To Lose

Didn't do too bad on the diet front, was little more sensible, it's coming together. It was knitting group day yesterday, so that is an hour walk there and back, so my exercise was covered. Practically an all day afffair, I leave the house about 11.30ish and leave knitting at about 16.00. Times goes extremely quick, and am a bit of a chatty Cathy.

We are all working on a knitting exhibition which will be displayed in one of the local parks, there are several groups, at different libraries, working on different themes. Our group is working on a big knitted tea party.

I have knitted these cakes, pointless I know, but good to look at, keeps me busy whilst unemployed.

Working on chocolate doughnuts at the moment after that, NO MORE Doughnuts. Sick of the sight of them. Let's hope they put me off the real doughnuts.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh No You Di'int ! - The Weekend

Days 3 & 4

32lbs To Lose
Next Weigh Day - 17th June


Check out the Afro   . . .

Hope you had a nice weekend. Saturday started off well, I had the other half of my Greek Style honey yogurt, for breakfast, watched a little TV, surfed the net, than done a little jog on the spot in front of the TV for about 2 and a half minutes.

Okay I know it's not much of a jog but am building my way up to a longer time. I was exhausted after that.  Decided I would do this everyday, get the old heart revved up. Am not one for going the gym or going for a jog so I figured that would be more my cup of tea.

I supported the Bronte Sisters whilst jogging as I would be inclined to have knocked my TV off the stand and knocked myself out, a punch even Tyson would be proud of.

I pottered around my flat picking things up, tidying things away,etc, etc. Several hours had passed since breakfast, and it was time to go out.

Ladies and gentlemen this is were it all went terribly wrong.

Never go food shopping on an empty stomach.

I ended up craving something sweet, I was at that level of hunger whereby there was no way I was entertaining a piece of fruit. No Way!! Headed straight to the supermarket where there are to die for home made large Belgian chocolate cookies, they didn't have any. Shock horror. I walked away with not one but two Pain Aux Raisins.

 I just couldn't resist. Saturday was a definite right off, so I made the most of it and when I got home I decided to have another couple of cakes to get it out my system, since I would be dieting properly the next day. Did I say double chocolate muffin, jam doughnut and a chocolate mousse. Pure gluttony. Gorgeous though.


After Saturdays antics I decided this needed to be sorted and not to worry, I have seven days to turn this around. Had my usual half a large yogurt, Vanilla this time, wasn't too impressed, but gulped it down with a cup of green tea. Pottered around as usual but this time ensured that I had my lunch before leaving the house. So half a large carton of Puy Lentil soup, really nice, and then I set off to my town centre. 

I had decided I would weigh myself at this point, as I hadn't had weighed myself for at least three weeks. I stand on my own scales occasionally but I like the printouts you get from the large industrial ones.

I was pleasantly surprised I was 3lb lighter. So this has spurred me on. Also I caught some of "The Greatest Loser" so that helped. Looked in the mirror after watching that and I felt like slim pickings . . . until I left the house.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 2

32lbs To Lose


Had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning had an early engagement. Am not a morning person unless of course I am on my way to an exotic holiday, about to pick up my $$$ lottery winnings, or excited about a no expense spared mega shopping expedition. Yet to apply. Other than that I get seriously p'd having to get up and out early.

Had half of a large honey yoghurt for breakfast. Am trying to keep the early part of the day low on the calories as I tend to like something a bit more substantial of an evening. I know it is better to have the bulk of your calories earlier on in the day, so more get burned off, but am from a background where  heavy evening meals were the order of the day.  I can't shake the habit.

Obviously, I won't be eating mountains of rice or chips now am on a diet, but I do like my bigger meal in the evening. Just need to bulk with vegetables.

I popped to the Supermarket to buy some soup and more large yoghurts, in the reduced section they had a tray of breaded mushrooms with an onion and garlic dip, reduced to 89p. Mouth was watering before I even picked up the tray, it had been some time since I had enjoyed such delights. A bit like seeing an old friend, you give off the excitement vibes, although mine were a little subdued being in a supermarket.

Half a tray would set you back about 400 and odd calories, I figured I would have half a tray for my lunch. Naughty but I really wanted them, I could be extra good tomorrow. So the soup I had planned was kicked to the kerb, fickle ain't I.

To cut a long story short I ended up polishing off the whole tray, in two sittings . . . one after the other. They were just so more-ish, and after I had finished the first helping, I was fantasizing about the others hence why I finished the tray. I'm lethal.

Tomorrow am going to buy some carrots and some plums or fruit along them lines to nibble on if there are any cravings, I forgot today.  Although I have had that little indiscretion, I am still battling on, I have eight days to turn this around, so no big deal.

Must admit those mushrooms were enjoyable.  On a positive note I have done 40 mins of walking - there and back to my appointment -  and it was chucking it down with rain. How's that for determination, although that being said, I had no choice since am unemployed and don't drive. But it sounds better if I say I was really determined to get that 40 minute walk in.

Just had notification that The Mission Maxi along with some other sewing patterns I won in a giveaway, is on its way to me, I should be in receipt in about three weeks.

Tomorrow I intend to be good. 

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Have a lovely weekend.  Back Monday  . . .            

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 1

32lbs To Lose

Woke up this morning with neck ache. Ever had that? Unpleasant!  Breakfast was four weetabix, I know what you're thinking. Four! I did intend to have my usual three but it would have meant leaving one in the pack, so I chucked it in the bowl. They are not too bad on the calorie front, so no big deal, plus I did drown them in skimmed milk.

So far so good today, on the food front. This neck ache is a pain though, excuse the pun. Moreover it has been throwing it down in my neck of the woods, so I felt chained to my flat, since I walk everywhere, not being a driver.

I had a bit of a wobble before, - yes on day one -  and if it wasn't for the fact I had said on my blog I was starting the diet today, I may have had a naughty relapse. Need to sort out a big shop tomorrow so I have things in to nibble on if I get a craving, plums or carrots for example.

I have not done bad today, most importantly I have not had any cakes or cookies. Good for me since I have recently become addicted when I visit the smaller convenience supermarkets, which I do on a regular basis.

Note to self, eat at reasonable times to keep any hunger pangs at bay and any scary relapse moments to a minimum. After breakfast this morning my next meal was at 3pm!! I was ready to eat a cow at that stage. Come 8pm I was ready for cakes. I resisted.

Intended to do some form of exercise but it didn't pan out. I shall make up for it tomorrow.

I hate the first fortnight of dieting, it is so damn hard if you don't get your act together.

Am going to weigh myself every 10 days - 7 days I find too soon and 14 too far away to keep me motivated.

Weigh Day - 17th June

Back Tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


This is my first post, welcome to anyone reading. I have explained why I am writing this blog here, and with a bit of luck, blogging about it will help. Day one of my diet starts tomorrow, so tonight I have done what any self respecting fatty would do, indulged in some naughties. Lets just say the the snack pack of two strawberry cheesecake, have gone down nicely. So did the large chocolate cookie and jam doughnut I had a couple of hours before.

Wish me luck. I have at least two stone to lose, which on a 5ft 1" frame, is quite a substantial amount of weight in my opinion, since I put it all on the front of my body.

Back tomorrow . . .