Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 5


32lbs To Lose

Didn't do too bad on the diet front, was little more sensible, it's coming together. It was knitting group day yesterday, so that is an hour walk there and back, so my exercise was covered. Practically an all day afffair, I leave the house about 11.30ish and leave knitting at about 16.00. Times goes extremely quick, and am a bit of a chatty Cathy.

We are all working on a knitting exhibition which will be displayed in one of the local parks, there are several groups, at different libraries, working on different themes. Our group is working on a big knitted tea party.

I have knitted these cakes, pointless I know, but good to look at, keeps me busy whilst unemployed.

Working on chocolate doughnuts at the moment after that, NO MORE Doughnuts. Sick of the sight of them. Let's hope they put me off the real doughnuts.

Back Tomorrow             

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