Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 10 - Well I'll Be Damned

32lbs 31lbs To Lose

I got up this morning with the intention of bringing my weigh day forward and doing the dirty deed today. Had my breakfast, fussed about a bit, as you do. Lunch time approached, I had a spot of lunch and started to get ready to walk into town to weigh myself.

Didn't get out until an hour later as it was throwing it down. In fact it has been like that all day. The weather in the UK absolutely stinks, and if I had the option to move somewhere else you wouldn't see me for dust. Anyway I digress.

I began to get nervous as I walked up to the town centre, prior to standing on the scales, I envisaged and expected bad news, since I had one too many large chocolate cookies as y'all know.

I mounted the scales, stepped off them and quickly scanned the printed ticket searching for my weight.  

And there it was.

I had lost a pound y'all. Now normally I would be p***ed but I was elated, I really expected to have put on a couple of pounds or at least stayed the same. 

I tell you what this has been a rocket up the jacksy. I want to shift this blubber but it does need my help. And the next ten days am going to whoop my ar*e.

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  1. Hiya!. Glad to know you are still working on losing weight. You hadn't mentioned anything on your sewing blog so I was wondering if you were still at it. I may just start a weight loss blog, hmm. Do I have the time?

  2. Make the time, it's a bit like therapy. I would be ten times worse if I didn't think I would have to blog about it and feel embarrassed lol.


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