Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 9

32lbs To Lose

All was well. I walked up to the library, passed a mini supermarket, the same one that sells those large Belgian chocolate cookies I have a penchant for. Not the one I popped in yesterday but the same company. Every time I see one of these mini supermarkets my cravings kick in with all the tenacity of a mule, but I walked past and made my way to the library.

Stayed in the library for about three hours, and I was famished. Body screaming that it needed something sweet and me shouting shut the f* up.

To cut to the chase I relented, ended up with a packet of crisps and a large Belgian cookie. This is getting beyond a joke. I even bought cherries and a bag of prepared carrots yesterday, with the intention of nibbling on them if I ever get the cravings. Useless if you don't take any with ya lol.

Did I say am weak? I just can't wait until I weigh myself to see the bitter truth . . .  again. I have scheduled weigh day for Sunday but may do it tomorrow. Yeah I think I will do it tomorrow. I need a big kick up my derriere.

Exercise: None
Naughties: Large Cookie (surprise surprise). Packet of crisps


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