Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 1

32lbs To Lose

Woke up this morning with neck ache. Ever had that? Unpleasant!  Breakfast was four weetabix, I know what you're thinking. Four! I did intend to have my usual three but it would have meant leaving one in the pack, so I chucked it in the bowl. They are not too bad on the calorie front, so no big deal, plus I did drown them in skimmed milk.

So far so good today, on the food front. This neck ache is a pain though, excuse the pun. Moreover it has been throwing it down in my neck of the woods, so I felt chained to my flat, since I walk everywhere, not being a driver.

I had a bit of a wobble before, - yes on day one -  and if it wasn't for the fact I had said on my blog I was starting the diet today, I may have had a naughty relapse. Need to sort out a big shop tomorrow so I have things in to nibble on if I get a craving, plums or carrots for example.

I have not done bad today, most importantly I have not had any cakes or cookies. Good for me since I have recently become addicted when I visit the smaller convenience supermarkets, which I do on a regular basis.

Note to self, eat at reasonable times to keep any hunger pangs at bay and any scary relapse moments to a minimum. After breakfast this morning my next meal was at 3pm!! I was ready to eat a cow at that stage. Come 8pm I was ready for cakes. I resisted.

Intended to do some form of exercise but it didn't pan out. I shall make up for it tomorrow.

I hate the first fortnight of dieting, it is so damn hard if you don't get your act together.

Am going to weigh myself every 10 days - 7 days I find too soon and 14 too far away to keep me motivated.

Weigh Day - 17th June

Back Tomorrow . . .


  1. One day at a time, one meal at a time! You so have this!

  2. Yes am determined even if I lapse, am getting back up again.


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