Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Days 11, 12 & 13

32lbs 31 To Lose

Sunday 17th June

After finding out yesterday I had lost a pound, I have decided to get this show of the road. Had my weetabix and skimmed milk for breakfast, yes skimmed milk. I mean business! That being said I normally have semi skimmed so not a massive jump on the milk front, but enough to reduce the cals.

The weetabix are the new ones with golden syrup, I was having visions of them being sickly sweet, but no they were fine, just in case you are interested in that useless piece of information.

I have pledged to myself in addition to walking am going to jog on the spot for about 5 minutes at least five times a week. I know I said that a while back that I would do it for 3 mins everyday, but I kept forgetting, this time  am going to make a point of doing it. 

Anyway I did it today and felt so good afterwards. There I was in front of Murder She Wrote, arms clasped in front, supporting the Bronte Sisters, jogging happily away - not one for sports bras. Besides it would cost a second mortgage to accommodate the sisters, and I don't even own my own home.

Exercise: Jogging on the spot - 5 mins. Some serious cleaning, washing and tidying up.

Monday 18th June

Everything still running smoothly. I even politely declined some mini chocolate doughnuts that were practically shoved under my nose at the knitting group. Felt like patting myself on my back as I trotted home. 

Feeling a bit bloated, one of those days when you think thank goodness it isn't weigh day.

Exercise: 2 hr walk. 

Tuesday 19th June

Been good today but when I was walking into the town centre my tummy felt like a barrel, no not a barrel of laughs but a huge belly full of Ye Olde English Ale. Ever had that feeling? You just want to sit down, feet up, and rest your hands on your big belly. The good thing about feeling like that, is any idea's of having a naughty tidbit, is kicked into touch, as you just feel fat and flabby.

Had the biggest Mackerel ever with some veg, think Jaws. I feel ill now. So another good day on the diet front. Have the knitting group this evening about 6pm, at one of the local pubs, so that will kill a few hours. I only have a orange and soda to drink, so that will be for the evening. If I feel peckish afterwards I will eat a few strawberries.

Anyway, that's me for now. Me and my barrel are off to do a spot of knitting.

Exercise: 40 mins

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