Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh No You Di'int ! - The Weekend

Days 3 & 4

32lbs To Lose
Next Weigh Day - 17th June


Check out the Afro   . . .

Hope you had a nice weekend. Saturday started off well, I had the other half of my Greek Style honey yogurt, for breakfast, watched a little TV, surfed the net, than done a little jog on the spot in front of the TV for about 2 and a half minutes.

Okay I know it's not much of a jog but am building my way up to a longer time. I was exhausted after that.  Decided I would do this everyday, get the old heart revved up. Am not one for going the gym or going for a jog so I figured that would be more my cup of tea.

I supported the Bronte Sisters whilst jogging as I would be inclined to have knocked my TV off the stand and knocked myself out, a punch even Tyson would be proud of.

I pottered around my flat picking things up, tidying things away,etc, etc. Several hours had passed since breakfast, and it was time to go out.

Ladies and gentlemen this is were it all went terribly wrong.

Never go food shopping on an empty stomach.

I ended up craving something sweet, I was at that level of hunger whereby there was no way I was entertaining a piece of fruit. No Way!! Headed straight to the supermarket where there are to die for home made large Belgian chocolate cookies, they didn't have any. Shock horror. I walked away with not one but two Pain Aux Raisins.

 I just couldn't resist. Saturday was a definite right off, so I made the most of it and when I got home I decided to have another couple of cakes to get it out my system, since I would be dieting properly the next day. Did I say double chocolate muffin, jam doughnut and a chocolate mousse. Pure gluttony. Gorgeous though.


After Saturdays antics I decided this needed to be sorted and not to worry, I have seven days to turn this around. Had my usual half a large yogurt, Vanilla this time, wasn't too impressed, but gulped it down with a cup of green tea. Pottered around as usual but this time ensured that I had my lunch before leaving the house. So half a large carton of Puy Lentil soup, really nice, and then I set off to my town centre. 

I had decided I would weigh myself at this point, as I hadn't had weighed myself for at least three weeks. I stand on my own scales occasionally but I like the printouts you get from the large industrial ones.

I was pleasantly surprised I was 3lb lighter. So this has spurred me on. Also I caught some of "The Greatest Loser" so that helped. Looked in the mirror after watching that and I felt like slim pickings . . . until I left the house.

Back Tomorrow             

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