Monday, 25 June 2012

Days 17,18 & 19 - Doing Well

32lbs 31lbs To Lose
Next Weigh Day - 2nd July 2012

Saturday 23rd June

I was ok on the diet front today but only because am having a b**ch of a week. Let's see how I get on tomorrow, one day at a time. I am trying to see this diet in groups of three days as that is when I will blog about it. So if I get two days under my belt, I will try that little bit harder for the third. Well that's the plan lol.

Exercise: 40 min walk

Sunday 24th June 
Doing alright. It is so hard to motivate myself nowadays. If I was working and had a great cutting table I would be treating myself to fabric and whipping up things to keep my mind of goodies. Not sure why I have developed this unhealthy craving for sweet things, am normally a savoury person. So it was takeaways all round lol. One more day and it is my first set of three days done and dusted. 

Exercise: None.

Monday 25th June

Went to my knitting group today but ensured that I had something substantial to eat, instead of fantasising about all things sweet and calorific. Doesn't help when the project they are working on is food, doughnuts, cherry pies, cheese sandwiches etc. Well am proud to say I have done it completed my first triple. Now to work on the next three and keep in mind that my weigh day is the 2nd July. I can do it. No really hehe.

Exercise: 2hr walk

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