Friday, 29 June 2012

Days 20,21 & 22

32lbs 31 To Lose
Tuesday 26th June

Not a good day. I suddenly had a craving for farleys rusks. Yeah really. Had to buy a box haven't had them for about ten years - had a craving for them then hehe. Bought a small pack and wolfed them down discretely on the way home. Had two packs of crisps beforehand lol. So am going to disregard today. Arghgh. I am cr*p at this dieting lark. Am going to hold on there and see what the 2nd July (weigh day) tells me.

Exercise: 40mins

Wednesday 27th June

So so day. Not really bad, not particularly good. I actually feel so bloated. This tummy needs to go. It's huge!!!

Exercise: 40mins

Thursday 28th June

Had an interview today, it didn't go as smoothly as I had wanted. Been a while since I had, had an interview. I was set all kinds of tests including a memory test lol. What's laughable about this, is the job is only a low paid office job. They want the successful applicant to commence on Monday so I should hear on Friday.

The lady who interviewed me was about 10ft tall and slim, I felt even more dumpy at 5ft 1" hehe. My tummy felt like it  was dragging the floor when she was leading me out, with her taut abdominals. Oh well c'est la vie. One day I will have taut abdominals, I will, I will.

Exercise: Variety of abdominal exercises one set of ten on each of the exercises. At least I got something from the  interview, inspiration to do something I have not done for years lol

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