Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well it's been so long. I guess you are thinking I have lost so much weight and got so cocky that I didn't feel inclined to update my fat blog. WRONG!

The truth is I have not weighed in since my last post which was back in September. Naughty I know.  Where the hell have you been you may ask? Well since I last posted I went and got myself a Christmas job, which was a shock to my system having not worked for over a year and a half. Did I say TIRED

Accordingly, this blog took a back seat.  Moreover, I took quite a fancy to the heavily subsidised meals, that I considered it not prudent to weigh myself at that time. Funny enough am not that taken with the meals nowadays, perhaps they have a new chef, but I can take or leave the meals now.

A new year a new diet. So am back in business As you know I don't follow any formal diets, I just try to eat sensibly allowing myself the odd naughty here and there. Life would be so dull without this provision.

At this moment in time I have no idea what I weigh, so am I in for a rude awakening? All will be revealed next time I post.

Until Next Time 

Missy Fatty

Man and wife sitting on the porch the man said,"I love you." Wife said,"Is that you or the beer talking?" Man said,"I'm talking to my beer"


  1. Enjoy your posts. I like your sense of humor and thoughts on dieting. Hope you post again soon.

    1. Thanks Daria. Don't worry I will be back, am just waiting until my holiday and I will return singing the same old tune. I will add a quick post when I get a moment.


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